About us

Dr Heiko Pult – Optometry and Vision Research is a reputable consultancy group specialized in clinical research, mainly focused on the anterior segment of the eye. We are dedicated to the delivery of high quality services to industry clients, including set-up of clinical research projects, conducting high quality studies, reviewing of current literature and publishing at scientific conferences or in peer-reviewed journals or magazines. Furthermore we offer lectures, training and workshops to clinicians, to improve their clinical knowledge and skills.

Dr. Heiko Pult, founder of Dr Heiko Pult – Optometry and Vision Research, is an Optometrist with about 20 years experiences in clinical practice as well as in clinical science. Since 1998, he is CEO of the clinical offices 'Horst Riede GmbH' in Weinheim, Hemsbach and Birkenau, Germany. 
Additionally, Dr. Heiko Pult is Honorary Visitng Professor (Cardiff Univ. UK), lecturer and an independent investigator of several research groups, companies and schools and author of numerous papers, articles and books.